Mullet Chicken The Movie

by Brett Sisson

Here it is, our first street movie. Not the best but we had fun makin it. Thanks to everyone for all the support this year. Featuring Evan Erickson, Jeremy VanDyke, Brandon VanDyke, Cole Klein, Thom Rosely, Parker Gough, Jake Hermann, Carter Ross, Caleb Cuneo, Natalie Napolillo, Noah Peterson, Jonny Sischo, Kyle Caswell, and Avery Erickson. Edited by: Evan Erickson Filmed all in Michigan. Check out our website and our shop Shoutout to all our sponsors: Marhar Snowboards, Color Blynd Apparel, W3 Boardshop,, Aunti Films, Romp Outerwear, and So Casual.